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Title Polymeric Wavelength Filter Based on a Bragg Grating Using Nanoimprint Technique
Authors 안세원(Ahn, Seh-Won) ; 이기동(Lee, Ki-Dong) ; 김도환(Kim, Do-Hwan) ; 진원준(Chin, Won-Jun) ; 이상신(Lee, Sang-Shin)
Page pp.267-271
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Nanoimpring ; Bragg Grating ; Photonic Wavelength Filter ; Polymer ; Optical Filter
Abstract A polymeric waveguide-type wavelength filter based on a Bragg grating has been proposed and fabricated using the simple nanoimpring technique, for the first time to our knowledge. An ultraviolet transparent stamp with the single-mode waveguide pattern incorporating a surface-relief-type Bragg grating was specially designed selective dry-etching process. Using this stamp, the device fabrication was substantially involving just a single-step process of imprint followed by polymer spin-coating. The achieved maximum reflection was higher than 25 dB at the center wavelength of 1569 nm. And the 3-dB bandwidth was 0.8 nm for the device length of 1.5 cm.