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Title Numerical Study on Optical Characteristics of Multi-Layer Thin Film Structures Considering Wave Interference Effects
Authors 심형섭(Shim, Hyung-Sub) ; 이성혁(Lee, Seong-Hyuk)
Page pp.272-277
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords 박막 ; 반사율 ; 흡수율 ; 박막두께 ; 광학적 특성 ; 파장 간섭 Thin Film ; Reflectivity ; Absorption Rate ; Film Thickness ; Optical Characteristic ; Wave Interference
Abstract The present study is devoted to investigate numerically the optical characteristics of multi-layer thin film structures such as Si/SiO_2 and Ge/Si/SiO_2 by using the characteristics transmission matrix method. The reflectivity and the absorptivity rate for thin film structures are estimated for different incident angles of rays and various film thicknesses. In addition, the influence of wavelength on optical characteristics related to complex refractive index is examined. It is found that such wave-like characteristics are observed in predicting reflectivities and depends mainly on film thickness. Moreover, the present study predicts the film thickness for ignoring wave interference effects, and it also discusses the fundamental physics behind optical and energy absorption characteristics appearing in multi-layer thin film structures.