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Title A Study on Thermal Performances of Micro Gas Sensor with Micro Hotplate
Authors 주영철(Joo, Young-Cheol) ; 임준형(Im, Jun-Hyoung) ; 이주헌(Lee, Joon-Hun) ; 김창교(Kim, C.K.)
Page pp.278-285
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Gas Sensor ; Heat Transfer ; MEMS ; Micro Hotplate ; Numerical Analysis
Abstract A micro hotplate for micro gas sensor was fabricated by MEMS technology. In order to heat up the gas sensing material to a target temperature, a micro hotplate was built on the gas sensor. The sensing material was deposited on the heater and electrodes, and did not contact with the silicon base to minimize the heat loss to the silicon base. The electric power to heat up the gas sensor was measured. The temperature distribution of micro gas sensor was analyzed by a CFD program. The predicted electric power to heat up th sensing material showed a good agreement with the measured data. The design of micro gas sensor could be modified to increase the temperature uniformity and to decrease the electric power consumption by optimizing the layout of micro hotplate and electrodes.