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Title Development for Measurement Range Extension Technique of AC High Voltage Source using Parallel Plates Electrode and Electric Field Sensor
Authors 강전홍(Kang, Jeon-Hong) ; 류제천(Ryu, Jae-Cheon) ; 이상화(Lee, Sang-Hwa) ; 김규태(Kim, Kyu-Tae) ; 김명수(Kim, Myung-Soo) ; 한상옥(Han, Sang-Ok) ; 정재갑(Jung, Jae-Kap)
Page pp.446-451
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords High Voltage Divider ; Parallel Plates Electrode ; Electric Field Sensor ; Uncertainty
Abstract The output voltage value of AC high voltage source has been usually measured by employing the high voltage divider of inductive or capacitive type. In the study, we have developed a new method for measuring the output voltage up to 60kV using parallel plates electrode and electric field sensor, which are constructed by home-made. Unlikely the conventional method using a high voltage divider, this developed method makes it possible to extend the range of output voltage from known low voltage measurement to high voltage measurement. From the linearity measured between electric field and applied voltage in the output voltage range of 1kV-30kV, the output voltage value up to 60kV can be obtained by the electric field measurement using the electric field sensor. The output voltage value obtained using the method is consistent with that obtained using high voltage divider within corresponding uncertainties.