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Title A Study on the Design for Lightning Detection System of AOA methods for 3D Lightning Detection
Authors 우정욱(Woo, J.W.) ; 곽주식(Kwak, J.S.) ; 문재덕(Moon, J.D.) ; 하기선일낭(Kawasaki, Zenichiro)
Page pp.527-531
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords lightning ; real time ; LPATS ; TOA ; AOA ; UHF/VHF antenna
Abstract Since 1996, KEPCO has been operating a wide range lightning detection system, LPATS, and been accumulating relative application techniques and statistical analysis skills. So, KEPRI already has its own basis to develope more accurate advanced detection technology and references to do comparative study. For three-dimensional imaging of lightning channels, UHF/VHF antenna systems were installed at 2 sites. The distance between two sites is about 30 km. These systems were used the AOA(Angle of Arrival) methods for lightning detection. In this paper, we would like to introduce about our system and its results.