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Title Algorithm for Improving the Efficiency of Storing Electricity using Experiments of Charging Characteristics for Industrial Lead-Acid Battery
Authors 박윤호(Park, Yun-Ho) ; 전순용(Jeon, Sun-Yong) ; 서보혁(Seo, Bo-Hyeok)
Page pp.432-441
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords lead-acid battery ; charging characteristics ; the aged state of battery ; fuzzy logic charging algorithm ; efficiency of storing electricity
Abstract It is difficult to analyze the charging characteristics of the lead-acid battery, because of the influences by various non-linear and time-variant parameters. In this study, the charging characteristics of high capacity industrial lead-acid battery 630 Ah was investigated through experiments with respect to the variations of temperature and the aged state of battery during the charging process. The database of those characteristics is established from the results of experiments, and the fuzzy logic charging algorithm is suggested using them. The results of experiment shows that the industrial lead-acid batteries can be always fully charged within the saved charging time by the proposed charging control algorithm adapting to the variations of charging condition. This new charging concept will be useful for developing the advanced battery charger improving the efficiency of storing electricity.