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Title An Implementation of the Position Controller for Multiple Motors Using CAN
Authors 이건영(Yi, Keon-Young)
Page pp.55-60
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords CAN ; DC Motor control ; Distributed control ; Communication based control ; Real-time control
Abstract This paper presents a controller for the multiple DC motors using the CAN(Controller Area Network). The controller has a benefit of reducing the cable connections and making the controller boards compact through the network including expansibility. CAN, among the field buses, is a serial communication methodology which has the physical layer and the data link layer in the ISO's OSI (Open System Interconnect) 7 layered reference model. It provides the user with many powerful features including multi-master functionality and the ability to broadcast / multicast telegrams. When we use a microprocessor chip embedding the CAN function, the system becomes more economical and reliable to react shortly in the data transmission. The controller, we proposed, is composed of two main controllers and a sub controller, which have built with a one-chip microprocessor having CAN function. The sub controller is plugged into the Pentium PC to perform a CAN communication, and connected to the main controllers via the CAN. Main controllers are responsible for controlling two motors respectively. Totally four motors, actuators for the biped robot in our laboratory, are controlled in the experiment. We show that the four motors are controlled properly to actuate the biped robot through the network in real time.