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Title Effective Noise Suppression in Edge Region Using Modified Wiener Filter
Authors 송영철(Song Young-Chul)
Page pp.173-180
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Wiener filter ; noise suppression ; edge region ; resolution enhancement
Abstract The modified Wiener filtering method is proposed for effective noise suppression in edge region of images corrupted by additive white gaussian noise. Although the pixels classified as a edge region in the conventional Wiener filter have lots of noise components, the conventional Wiener filler cannot remove noise effectively due to the preserving of edges. To reduce noise well in edge region, we modify filter coefficients of the conventional Wiener filter The modified filter coefficients increase in noise suppression effect In edge region, while they preserve edges for strong edge region. From simulation (256{×}256 size, 256 graylevel images) filtered images by the proposed method show much improved subjective image quality with some improved peak signal-to-noise ratio compared to those by the conventional Wiener filtering.