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Title Characteristics of Programming on Analog Memory Cell Fabricated in a 0.35μ mSingle Poly Standard CMOS Process
Authors 채용웅 ; 정동진
Page pp.425-432
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Labview ; Analog memory ; Single Poly EEPROM ; Resolution ; Programming
Abstract In this paper, we introduce the analog memory fabricated in a 0.35μ{ textrm} m single poly standard CMOS process. We measured the programming characteristics of the analog memory cell such as linearity, reliability etc. Finally, we found that the characteristics of the programming of the cell depend on the magnitude and the width of the programming pulse, and that the accuracy of the programming within 10mV is feasible under the optimal condition. In order to standardize the characteristics of the cell, we have investigated numbers of cells. Thus we have used a program named Labview and a data acquisition board to accumulate the data related to the programming characteristics automatically.