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Title Attitude Control of Helicopter Simulator System using A Hybrid GA-PID WAVENET Controller
Authors 박두환 ; 지석준 ; 이준탁
Page pp.433-439
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Helicopter Simulator System ; Hybrid GA-PID WAVENET ; Wavelet ; Neural Network ; PID controller
Abstract The Helicopter Simulator System is non-linear and complex. Futhermore, because of absence of its accurate mathematical model, it is difficult to control accurately its attitudes such as elevation angle and azimuth one. Therefore, we proposed a Hybrid GA-PID WAVENET(Genetic Algorithm Proportional Integral Derivative Wavelet Neural Network)control technique to control efficiently these angles. The proposed Hybrid GA-PID WAVENET is made through the following process. First, the WAVENET fundamental functions are defined. And their dilation and translation values are adjusted by GA to construct the optimal WAVENET controller. Secondly, the proportional, integral, and derivative gain coefficients of PR controller are tuned optimally. Finally, WAVENET controller which has a good transient characteristic and GA-PE controller which has a good steady state characteristic is adequately combined in hybrid type. Through the computer simulations, it is proved that the Hybrid GA-PE WAVENET control technique has a more excellent dynamic response than PID control technique and GA-PID one.