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Title Subbnad Adaptive GSC Using the Selective Coefficient Update Algorithm
Authors 김재윤 ; 이창수 ; 유경렬
Page pp.446-452
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords 선택적 계수 갱신 GSC ; beamformer ; subband ; LMS
Abstract Under the condition of a common narrowband target signal and interference signals from several directions, the linearly constrained minimum variance (LCMV) method using the generalized sidelobe canceller (GSC) for adaptive beamforming has been exploited successfully However, in the case of wideband signals, the length of the adaptive filter must be extended. As a result, the complexity of the beamformer increases, which makes real-time implementation difficult. In this paper, we improve the convergence characteristics of the adaptive filter using the transform domain normalized least mean square (NLMS) approach based on the subband GSC structure without the increase of complexity. Besides, the M-MAX algorithm, which is one of various selective coefficient updating methods, is employed in order to remarkably reduce the computational cost without decreasing the convergence quality. With the combination of these methods, we propose a computationally efficient wideband adaptive beamformer and verify its efficiency through a series of simulations.