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Title State Feedback Stabilization of Network Based Control Systems with Time-varying Delay
Authors 정의현(Jung Eui-Heon) ; 서영수(Shu Young-Su) ; 이홍희(Lee Hong-Hee)
Page pp.741-746
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Network Based Control Systems ; Network-Induced Delay ; Bounded Time-Varying Delay ; LMI
Abstract When investigating a control problem for network based control systems, the main issue is network-induced delay. This delay can degrade the performance of control systems designed without considering the delay and even destabilize the system. In this paper, we consider the stabilization of network based control systems, where there is bounded time-varying delay. This delay is treated like parameter variation of a discrete time system. The state feedback controller design is formulated as linear matrix inequality. Finally, we show that the stability of control systems designed with considering the delay is superior to that is not so.