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Title A Design of Mass Estimated Adaptive Controller for Linear Servo System with Nonlinear Friction
Authors 이영진(Lee Young-Jin) ; 서진호(Suh Jin-Ho) ; 이권순(Lee Kwon-Soon) ; 이진우(Lee Kwon-Soon)
Page pp.428-436
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Nonlinear Friction ; Servo System ; Normal Force ; Mass Estimator ; Compensation ; Adaptive Control
Abstract In this paper, we introduce an adaptive control method to improve the position accuracy and reduce nonlinear friction effects for the linear motion servo system with the nonlinear friction. The considered system plant included not only the variation of the mass of mover but also the friction change by the normal force. We also designed an adaptive controller with the mass estimator and the compensator by observing the variation of normal force. The effectiveness and system performances for the proposed control method in this paper show to improve than other control methods through numerical simulations.