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Title Speed Control of an Induction Motor using Intelligent Speed Estimator
Authors 김낙교(Kim Lark-Kyo) ; 최성대(Choi Sung-Dae)
Page pp.437-442
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Intelligent Speed Estimation ; MRAS ; Fuzzy Neural ; Sensorless ; Vector Control of Induction Motor
Abstract In order to realize the speed control of an induction motor, the information of the rotor speed is needed. So the speed sensor as an encoder or a pulse generator is used to obtain it. But the use of speed sensor occur the some problems in the control system of an induction motor. To solve the problems, the appropriate speed estimation algorithm is used instead of the speed sensor. Also there is the limitation to improve the speed control performance of an induction motor using the existing speed estimation algorithm. Therefore, in this paper, intelligent speed estimator using Fuzzy-Neural systems as adaptive laws in Model Reference Adaptive System is proposed so as to improve the existing estimation algorithm and ,using the rotor speed estimated by the Proposed estimator, the speed control of an induction motor without speed sensor is performed. The computer simulation and the experiment is executed to prove the performance of the speed control system usinu the proposed speed estimator.