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Title Modeling of Normal Gait Acceleration Signal Using a Time Series Analysis Method
Authors 임예택(Lim Ye-Taek) ; 이경중(Lee Kyoung-Joung) ; 하은호(Ha Eunho) ; 김한성(Kim Han-Sung)
Page pp.462-467
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Gait Analysis ; Accelerometer ; Time Series Analysis ; Box-Jenkins Method
Abstract In this paper, we analyzed normal gait acceleration signal by time series analysis methods. Accelerations were measured during walking using a biaxial accelerometer. Acceleration data were acquired from normal subjects(23 men and one woman) walking on a level corridor of 20m in length with three different walking speeds. Acceleration signals were measured at a sampling frequency of 60Hz from a biaxial accelerometer mounted between L3 and L4 intervertebral area. Each step signal was analyzed using Box-Jenkins method. Most of the differenced normal step signals were modeled to AR(3) and the model didn't show difference for model's orders and coefficients with walking speed. But, tile model showed difference with acceleration signal direction - vertical and lateral. The above results suggested the proposed model could be applied to unit analysis.