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Title Adaptive Rank-Reindexing Algorithm for Lossless Index Image Compression
Authors 이한정(Lee Han-Jeong) ; 유기형(Yoo Gi-Hyung) ; 김형무(Kim Hyung-Moo) ; 유강수(You Kang-Soo) ; 곽훈성(Kwak Hoon-Sung)
Page pp.501-503
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Lossless Compression ; Re-indexing ; Arithmetic Coding ; LZW ; GIF
Abstract In this paper, using ranks of co-occurrence frequency about indices in pairs of neighboring pixels, we introduce a new re-indexing algorithm for efficiency of index color image lossless compression. The proposed algorithm is suitable for arithmetic coding because it has concentrated distributions of small variance. Experimental results proved that the proposed algorithm reduces the bit rates than other coding schemes, more specifically 15 %, 54 % and 12 % for LZW algorithm of GIF, the plain arithmetic coding method and Zeng's scheme, respectively.