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Title Decentralized H_∞ Control of Multiple Magnetic Levitation System
Authors 김종문(Kim Jong-Moon) ; 이상혁(Lee Sang-Hyuk) ; 최영규(Choi Young-Kiu)
Page pp.689-697
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Multiple Controlled-Permanent Magnet System ; Magnetic Levitation System State Feedback Control ; Performance Indices
Abstract In this paper, an application of a decentralized H_∞ controller(DHC) to multiple controlled-permanent magnet(CMAG) magnetic levitation(Maglev) systems is presented. The designed DHC using two Riccati equations iteratively has simpler structure and needs less computational loads than conventional centralized H_∞ controller. A target plant is a hybrid-type CMAG system with permanent magnet and coil, and its mathematical model is firstly derived to design the DHC. To implement the designed algorithm, a real Maglev vehicle system including digital controller, chopper, sensor, etc., is manufactured. To compare the performances of the DHC method with an observer-based state feedback control(OSFC), the input tracking and disturbance rejection characteristics are experimentally tested. As performance indices(PI), integral of squared error(ISE), integral of absolute error(IAE), integral of time multiplied by absolute error(ITAE) and integral of time multiplied by squared error(ITSE) are used. From the experimental results, it can be seen that the input tracking and disturbance rejection performances of the DHC are better than those of the conventional controller.