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Title The Implemetation of Real-time Broadcast Synchronizing System Using Audio Watermark
Authors 신동환(Shin Dong-Hwan) ; 김종원(Kim Jong-Weon)
Page pp.716-722
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords BSS(Broadcasting Synchronizing System) ; Audio Watermark ; HAS
Abstract In this paper, we propose the audio watermarking algorithm based on the critical band of HAS(human auditory system) without audibly affecting the quality of the watermarked audio and implement the detecting algorithm on the BSS(broadcast synchronizing system) for testing the proposed algorithm. According to the audio quality test, the SNR(signal to noise ratio) of the watermarked audio objectively is 66dB above. In the robustness test, the proposed algorithm can detect the watermark more than 90 % from various compression(MP3, AAC), A/D and D/A conversions, sampling rate conversions and especially asynchronizing attacks. The BSS automatically switches the programs between the key station and the local station in broadcasting system. The result of reliability test of implemented system by using the real broadcasting audio has no false positive error during 30 days. Because of detecting once processing per 0.5 second, we can judge that the false positive error does not occur.