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Title A Study on IEC61850-9-2 Distributed Sampled Measured Values Applications for Merging Unit at Process Level
Authors 김관수(Kim, Gwan-Su) ; 이홍희(Lee, Hong-Hee) ; 김병진(Kim, Byung-Jin)
Page pp.1177-1182
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords 병합 단위장치 ; 샘플링값 서비스 Merging Unit ; Sampled Value ; IEC61850-9-2
Abstract Recently, IEC61850 supports the standardized communication technique in both station bus and process bus, and presents the substation automation model. In this paper, we propose the required techniques to develop the Merging Unit (MU), which is one of the important data acquisition equipment in substation automation, under IEC61850 communication protocol. Especially, we also propose the precision time synchronization technique using GPS(Global Positioning System) for the MU. IEC61850-9-2 SV (Sampled Value) service is applied to the MU which is designed using microprocessor. In order to evaluate the performance of the proposed MU, the playback program, which can reconstruct the transmitted sampled value data on the basis of time information, is developed and the performance of the IEC61850 SV service for MU is verified experimentally.