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Title Profit Evaluation Model for a Generator Investment in the Wholesale Electricity Market
Authors 정정원(Jung, Jung-Won)
Page pp.1205-1210
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords 투자수익모형 ; 도매전력시장 ; 고장정지율 ; 시장청산과정 ;
Abstract Several mechanisms are introduced for the procurement of capacity adequacy. In the competitive electricity market, however, it is a GENCO that makes generation investment decision. A GENCO will invest a new generator when it can get more profit than cost. There requires a model to evaluate profit with respect to a new generation investment. In the view of long-term investment, evaluation of a profit of a generator in the electricity market is quite different from that of short-term operation. In this paper, a new profit-evaluation model is proposed for the long-term generation investment. It can treat the probabilistic characteristics of generators, ie, forced-outage-rates, which affect profit of generators.