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Title A Study on Real Test of an Incremental Conductance MPPT Control Based Photovoltaic Inverter
Authors 김응상(Kim, Eung-Sang) ; 김슬기(Kim, Seul-Ki) ; 전진홍(Jeon, Jin-Hong) ; 안종보(Ahn, Jong-Bo)
Page pp.1211-1217
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords PV Inverter ; Real Test ; Incremental Conductance
Abstract In this paper, a 10kVA PV inverter applying Incremental Conductance(IncCond) method for maximum power point tracking WIS developed and its performance tests were carried out. Modeling and simulation of PV array and system controller was performed using PSCAD/EMTDC, an electromagnetic transient analysis program. After comparison and analysis of Perturbation & Observation (P & O) and IncCond method, a PV inverter based on IncCond method was designed and manufactured. Grid interface transient characteristics including start-up, normal operation, and fault operation were tested, which verified the usefulness of the proposed system. In the near future, commercialization process will proceed through additional extensive tests of transients.