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Title Dynamic Characteristics Analysis of Linear BLOC motor using Finite Element Method Coupling with External Circuit Model
Authors 정군석(Chung, Koon-Seok) ; 김미정(Kim, Mi-Jung) ; 문지우(Moon, Ji-Woo) ; 조윤현(Cho, Yun-Hyun)
Page pp.1231-1235
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Dynamic characteristics ; Load condition ; Coupling analysis ; Linear BLDC motor
Abstract This paper presents the dynamic characteristics of a linear brushless dc (BLDC) motor with permanent magnet excitation for the precision conveyor according to the load condition. Dynamic performance of the linear BLDC motor driven with 6 step inverter such as thrust force and speed is simulated by finite element method coupling with external circuit and measured for the prototype motor. The results of finite element analysis are compared to the experimental results and verify reliability.