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Title Study on the Stability Evaluation of the High-Tc Superconducting Power Cable
Authors 배준한(Bae, J.H.) ; 최석진(Choi, S.J.) ; 이상진(Lee, S.J.) ; 조전욱(Cho, J.W.)
Page pp.1236-1240
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords HTS power cable ; HTS tape ; voltage-current characteristics ; electromagnetic field ; external magnetic field ; losses ; stability evaluation
Abstract In order to evaluate if the high-Tc superconducting(HTS) power cable is operating stably, the characteristics of the HTS power cable should be found out. The properties of HTS tapes by measuring the voltage with respect to the current can be archived. But, the HTS power cable is different from the case of HTS tapes. This method is invalid because of the electromagnetic fields caused by other HTS tapes. In this paper, the stability evaluation of the HTS cable was performed by the following procedure. First, the voltage-current characteristics of HTS tape were measured and the electromagnetic field distributions of the HTS power cable with the external magnetic field were analyzed. Second, the losses of the HTS power cable were calculated using the result of the measurement and the analysis. Finally, the stable operation of the HTS power cable was evaluated on the basis of the losses of the superconducting cable.