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Title Transient Stability Analysis Based on OOP
Authors 박지호(Park, Ji-Ho)
Page pp.354-362
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords OOP ; Transient stability ; Direct method ; Transient energy
Abstract This paper presents the new method of power system transient stability simulation, which combines the desirable features of both the time domain technique based on OOP(Object-oriented Programming) and the direct method of transient stability analysis using detailed generator model. OOP is an alternative to overcome the problems associated with the development, maintenance and update of large software by electrical utilities. Several papers have already evaluated this approach for power system applications in areas such as load flow, security assessment and graphical interface. This paper applied the object-oriented approach to the problem of power system dynamics simulation. The modeling method is that each block of dynamic system block diagram is implemented as an object and connected each other. In the transient energy method, the detailed synchronous generator model is so-called two-axis model. For the excitation model, IEEE type1 model is used. The developed mothed was successfully applied to New England Test System.