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Title Estimation of Rebate Level for Energy Efficiency Programs Using Optimization Technique
Authors 박종진(Park, Jong-Jin) ; 소철호(So, Chol-Ho) ; 김진오(Kim, Jin-O)
Page pp.369-374
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Energy Efficiency ; High-Efficiency Appliances ; Rebate ; Diffusion Model ; Optimization
Abstract This paper presents the evaluation procedures and the estimation method for the estimation of optimal rebate level for EE(Energy Efficiency) programs. The penetration amount of each appliance is estimated by applying price function to preferred diffusion model resulted from model compatibility test. To estimate the optimal rebate level, two objective functions which express the maximum energy saving and operation benefit are introduced and by multi-objective function which can simultaneously consider two objective functions the optimal rebate level of each appliance is estimated. And then, using the decided rebate level and each penetration amount, the priority order for reasonable investment of each high-efficiency appliance is estimated compared to the results of conventional method. Finally, using a benefit/cost analysis based on California standard practice manual, the economic analysis is implemented for the four perspectives such as participant, ratepayer impact measure, program administrator cost and total resource cost.