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Title Fabrication and Test Results of an HTS Magnet with Pancake Windings Excited by Multiple Power Sources
Authors 이광연(Lee, K.Y.) ; 강명훈(Hun, K.M.) ; 이용석(Lee, Y.S.) ; 이희준(Lee, H.J.) ; 차귀수(Cha, G.S.)
Page pp.384-389
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords HTS magnet ; Insert coil ; Pancake winding ; Multiple power sources
Abstract The cental magnetic field of an HTS magnet consisting of pancake windings can be increased if the magnet is excited by multiple power sources. Multiple power sources enable all pancake windings to conduct their critical currents. The HTS magnet consisting of pancake windings was excited by separate power sources in this paper. Critical currents of each pancake winding were determined by using optimization technique. Fabrication of the BSCCO magnet consisting of 10 pancake windings is described and test results of the BSCCO magnet are given. Central magnetic field and perpendicular magnetic field of the magnet excited by multiple power sources were compared with those of the magnet excited by a single power source.