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Title Coordinated Control Modeling and Simulation among the Voltage Compensation Equipments Using Python
Authors 이상덕(Lee, Sang-Deok) ; 백영식(Baek, Young-Sik) ; 서규석(Seo, Gyu-Seok)
Page pp.1-8
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords FACTS ; Unified Power Flow Controllers(UPFC) ; Shunt Compensators ; Voltage stability ; Python
Abstract The ultrafashionable machinery that require high quality electricity power has been daily come into being. Because domestic power system has been larger and more complicated in accordance with raising power demand by power market requirement. Because of these power market situations, The FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission System) which is power transmission system for the next generation to meet flexible supply the power and reliability has been applied. If they, compensators and FACTS, are used inter-efficiently in range that does not affect the stability and a badly influence the security, they might be increase in the voltage stability of system, supply reliability and also achieve the voltage control in a suddenly changed power system. Therefore we describe and suggest on this treatise that a plan for coordination control between UPFC, Shunt elements (Sh. Capacitors & Sh. Reactors) among compensators and also describe the method to keep or control the voltage of power system in allowable ranges. The method follows that, we used characteristics of each equipment, UPFC would be also settled to keep the identified voltage range in change of load bus, Shunt elements also would be settled to supply the reactive power shortage in out of operating range of UPFC to cope actively with change of the power system. As the result of simulation, it is possible to keep the load bus voltage in limited range in spite of broad load range condition. This helps greatly for the improvements of supply reliability and voltage stability.