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Title Reliability Assessment of Railway Power System by using Tree Architecture
Authors 차준민(Cha, Jun-Min) ; 구본희(Ku, Bon-Hui)
Page pp.9-15
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Railway Power System ; Fault Tree ; Event Tree ; Reliability
Abstract As catenary supply electric power directly to the railway system, it is very important to prevent an accident of a catenary for appropriate train operation. This paper proposed the assessment the outage data for "British Catenary Safety Analysis Report" and Korean data to compare the reliability of the railway system. The analyzed data were applied to Event Tree and Fault Tree algorithm to calculate the reliability indices of railway system. Event tree is created and gate results of fault tree analysis are used as the source of event tree probabilities. Fault tree represents the interaction of failures and basic events within a system. Event Tree and Fault Tree analysis result is helpful to assess the reliability to interpreted. The reliability indices can be used to determine the equipment to be replaced for the entire system reliability improvement.