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Title Wind Generation Monitoring System based on International Standard IEC61400-25
Authors 최영준(Choi, Young-Jun) ; 이승재(Lee, Seung-Jae) ; 최면송(Choi, Myeon-Song) ; 이덕수(Lee, Duck-Su)
Page pp.16-18
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords IEC61400-25 ; Wind Generation ; Monitoring System
Abstract This paper presents monitoring system based on IEC61400-25 for 750kW-class DFIG wind power generation system. It consists of wind turbine PLC, Local and Remote I/O Server, human machine interface, and Web-server. Proposed System has been demonstrated in Daegi-ri, Kangwon-do, which aims to test IEC61400-25 communication capability of monitoring system and evaluate the performance of 750kW-class WTS.