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Title Angular Dependency of Magnetization Losses in Continuously Transposed Coated Conductors for Large Current Applications
Authors 한병욱(Han, B.W.) ; 김우석(Kim, W.S.) ; 이지광(Lee, J.K.) ; 이세연(Lee, S.Y.) ; 박상호(Park, S.H.) ; 김영일(Kim, Y.I.) ; 최경달(Choi, K.)
Page pp.51-56
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords AC Loss ; Continuously Transposed Coated Conductor(CTCC) ; Magnetization Loss
Abstract AC loss is main issue for power applications using YBCO coated conductor. The striated YBCO CC(Coated Conductor) has been proposed by several researchers to decrease a magnetization loss. A continuously transposed coated conductor (CTCC), suggested by our research group before, could be very useful for lower magnetization loss of large current power applications. In this paper, an AC loss reduction effect by the stack, striation and transposition of YBCO CCs under a time varying external magnetic field. To estimate the reduction effects for perpendicular magnetization loss, several CTCC samples were prepared and tested. Also, we measured angular dependency of magnetization losses of various CTCC samples.