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Title Inductor Characteristics of the Active Clamp Forward Converter for Adapter
Authors 장덕규(Jang, Duk-Kyu) ; 우승훈(Woo, Seung-Hun) ; 김창선(Kim, Chang-Sun)
Page pp.1064-1069
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Active clamp forward converter ; ZVS ; Inductor optimal design
Abstract Active clamp forward converter provides zero voltage switching, low voltage stress and wide input voltage range. The design technique leads to getting a higher efficiency under high switching frequency and optimal operating range. It is designed for notebook computer adapter with free input voltage and 19.5V/120W output ratings. The efficiency is measured to more than 90%. One of the most important circuit parts is the filter inductor besides the transformer in active clamp forward converter. In this paper, the process of inductor design is listed optimally.