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Title Optimal Microgrid Operation Considering Fuel Cell and Combined Heat and Power Generation
Authors 이지혜(Lee, Ji-Hye) ; 이병하(Lee, Byung Ha)
Page pp.596-603
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Microgrid ; Optimal operation ; Fuel cell ; CHP (combined heat and power)
Abstract The increase of distributed power generation is closely related to interest in microgird including renuable energy sources such as photovoltaic (PV) systems and fuel cell. By the growing interest of microgrid all over the world, many studies on microgrid operation are being carried out. Especially operation technique which is core technology of microgrid is to supply heat and electricity energy simultaneously. Optimal microgrid scheduling can be established by considering CHP (Combined Heat and Power) generation because it produce both heat and electricity energy and its total efficiency is high. For this reason, CHP generation in microgrid is being spotlighted. In the near future, wide application of microgrid is also anticipated. This paper proposes a mathematical model for optimal operation of microgrid considering both heat and power. To validate the proposed model, the case study is performed and its results are analyzed.