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Title Design of a Switched Reluctance Motor Driving an Electric Compressor for HEVs
Authors 정용회(Jeong, Yong-Hoe) ; 전용희(Jeon, Yong-Hee) ; 강준호(Kang, Jun-Ho) ; 김재혁(Kim, Jaehyuck)
Page pp.620-625
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Electric compressor ; Hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) ; Switched reluctance motor (SRM) ; Motor drive
Abstract This paper presents the design of a switched reluctance motor (SRM) for electric air conditioning compressors which are applied to hybrid electric vehicles (EVs). The motor for driving air conditioning compressor which is recently used on EV(electric vehicle) / HEV (hybrid electric vehicle) is PMSM(permanent magnet synchronous motor) or BLDCM(brushless DC motor). However disadvantage of motors that uses permanent magnets are vulnerable to high temperatures because of the demagnetization by the high temperature and the permanent magnet is expensive because of the high price of rare earth materials from China's monopoly. Therefore, in the automotive insustry is interested in the non-rare-earth motors. SRM has many advantages. it's resistant to high temperatures, price is cheaper, because there are no permanent magnets and winding in the rotor. Also it's high relability and efficiency, suitable for high-speed operation because of structure is simple. In this paper, the SRM, non-rare-earth motor, are designed, analyzed and experimented drive to replace an existing electric compressor drive motor.