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Title A Nuclear Event Detectors Fabrication and Verification for Detection of a Transient Radiation
Authors 정상훈(Jeong, Sang-Hun) ; 이승민(Lee, Seung-Min) ; 이남호(Lee, Nam-Ho) ; 김하철(Kim, Ha-Chul) ; 조성익(Cho, Seong-Ik)
Page pp.639-642
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords CMOS ; Modeling ; TCAD ; Latch-up ; Transient radiation effects (TRE)
Abstract In this paper, proposed NED(nuclear event detectors) for detection of a transient radiation. Nuclear event detector was blocked of power temporary for defence of critical damage at a electric device when a induced transient radiation. Conventional NED consist of BJT, resistors and capacitors. The NED supply voltage of 5V and MCM(Multi Chip Module) structures. The proposed NED were designed for low supply voltage using 0.18um CMOS process. The response time of proposed NED was 34.8ns. In addition, pulse radiation experiments using a electron beam accelerator, the output signal has occurred.