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Title LVRT Scheme for Doubly Fed Induction Generator Systems Based on Flux Tracking Method
Authors 박선영(Park, Sun-Young) ; 전영환(Chun, Yeong-Han) ; 이동명(Lee, Dong-Myung)
Page pp.1059-1065
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords LVRT ; DFIG system ; Voltage dips ; Flux tracking ; Grid fault
Abstract Doubly Fed Induction Generator(DFIG) systems occupy the largest proportion of worldwide wind energy generation market. DFIG systems are very sensitive to grid disturbances especially to voltage dips due to the structure of the stator connected to grid. In the past, when a grid fault occurs generators are separated from grid(trip method) in order to protect the systems. Nowadays, due to the growing penetration level of wind power, many countries have made some requirements that wind turbines are required to have Low Voltage Ride Through(LVRT) capability during grid faults. In this paper, a flux tracking LVRT control strategy based on system modeling equations is proposed. The validity of the proposed strategy is verified through computer simulations.