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Title State Transition Model of Demand Response Considering Behavior Patterns of Customer
Authors 곽형근(Kwag, Hyung-Geun) ; 이나은(Lee, Na-Eun) ; 김진오(Kim, Jin-O)
Page pp.1074-1079
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Power system ; Demand response ; Demand resource ; Reliability ; Transition rate ; Unavailability ; Ramp rate
Abstract Demand response(DR) is potential generation alternative to improve the reliability indices of system and load points. However, when demand resources scheduled in DR market fail to reduce demand, it can create new problems associated with maintaining a reliable supply. In this paper, a reliability model of demand resource is constructed considering customers' behaviors in the same form as conventional generation units, where availability and unavailability are associated with the simple two-state model. As a result, the generalized reliability model of demand resources is represented by multi-state model.