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Title 1-stage Asymmetrical LLC Resonant Converter with Low Voltage Stress Across Switching Devices
Authors 김춘택(Kim, Choon-Taek) ; 김성주(Kim, Seong-Ju) ; 나재두(La, Jae-Du) ; 김영석(Kim, Young-Seok)
Page pp.1101-1107
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Asymmetrical ; LLC resonant converter ; Low voltage stress ; 1-stage PFC ; LED ; DCM
Abstract A light emitting diodes(LED) lighting has been increasingly used due to its low power consumption, long life time, high efficiency, and environment friendly characteristics. Also various power converters has been applied to drive these LED lighting. Among many power converters, a LLC resonant converter could be applied for LED lighting because of its high efficiency and high power density. Furthermore, the function of power factor correction(PFC) might be added. In this paper, 1-stage asymmetrical LLC resonant converter is proposed. The proposed converter performs both input-current harmonics reduction and PFC using the discontinuous conduction mode(DCM). The proposed 1-stage LLC resonant converter approach has the lower voltage stress across switching devices and achieve the zero voltage switching(ZVS) in switching devices. To verify the performance of the proposed converter, simulation and experimental results from a 300[W] prototype are provided.