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Title Investigation of Winding Connections for Fault-Tolerant of MW Class Offshore Wind Generator with Dual 3-Phase System and Modular
Authors 서장호(Seo, Jang Ho)
Page pp.1108-1114
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Dual 3-phase ; PM machine ; Modular winding
Abstract This paper presents a new winding topology for MW class offshore wind generator having modular and dual 3-phase. Based on proposed simplified relationship between magnetic flux and phase current in the air gap, several new windings for modular and dual 3-phase are made. In case of one inverter operation or faulty operation, the proposed model can have balanced 3-phase induced voltage whereas the conventional generator with modular winding has unbalanced induced voltage, which can be important issue in offshore generator. The model was applied into 6MW prototype machine with dual 3-phase. Using finite element analysis, induced voltage, inductance were investigated. The results show that the proposed modular winding can be applicable to dual inverter system with electrically balanced voltage.