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Title Capacitance and Output Current Control by CNT Concentration in the CNT/PVDF Composite Films for Electronic Devices
Authors 이선우(Lee, Sunwoo) ; 노임준(No, Im-Jun) ; 신백균(Shin, Paik-Kyun) ; 김용진(Kim, Yongjin)
Page pp.1115-1119
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords CNT/PVDF composite film ; Spray coating ; Capacitance ; Output current ; Performance control
Abstract The carbon nanotube/poly-vinylidene fluoride (CNT/PVDF) composite films for the use of electronic devices were fabricated by spray coating method using the CNT/PVDF solution, which was prepared by adding PVDF pellets into the CNT dispersed N-Methyl-2-pyrroli-done (NMP) solution. The CNT/PVDF composite films were peeled off from the glass substrate and were investigated by the scanning electron microscopy, which revealed that the CNTs were uniformly dispersed in the PVDF films and thickness of the films were approximately 20μm. The capacitance of the CNT/PVDF films increased dramatically by adding CNTs into the PVDF matrix, and finally saturated approximately 1880 pF. However, the I-V curves didn't show any saturation effect in the CNT concentration range of 0 ~ 0.04 wt%. Therefore we can control the performance of the devices from the CNT/PVDF composite film by adjusting the current level resulted from the CNT concentration with the uniform capacitance value.