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Title A Study on Methodology for Automated Contingency and Remedial Action Analysis based on Practical Approach: Development of Automated Scheduled Outage Analysis Tool
Authors 송지영(Song, Jiyoung) ; 고백경(Ko, Baekkyung) ; 신정훈(Shin, Jeonghoon) ; 한상욱(Han, Sangwook) ; 남수철(Nam, Suchul) ; 이재걸(Lee, Jaegul) ; 김태균(Kim, Taekyun)
Page pp.1171-1179
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords PAZ ; Remedial Action Analysis ; Contingency Analysis ; Scheduled Outage Analysis ; Power System Analysis Program
Abstract ISO(Independent System Operator) or TSO(Transmission System Operator) use power system analysis program to simulate contingency analysis and remedial actions to operate power system stably. Generally, power system analysis program provides automated analysis functions(or modules) to deal with wide area power system. However, because of missed contingency cases, automated contingency analysis has no practical use or has limitation. And in case of remedial action, it doesn't support automated function or takes a lot of times to study, because of simulation in manual for each cases. This paper suggests that new relation with buses and transmission line properties of power system DB used for power system analysis program to simulate automated contingency including all contingency cases needed in the field without missed cases. And it proposes automated remedial action scheme based on practical approach analysis to alleviate overloading or voltage problems. Finally it deals with automated contingency/remedial action analysis(automated scheduled outage) program which is developed by KEPCO and its performance and proposed schemes are proven by case study for real Korean power system data.