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Title Optimal Configuration Algorithm for ESS with Renewable Energy Resources Considering Peak-shaving Effects
Authors 이나은(Lee, Na-Eun) ; 김욱원(Kim, Wook-Won) ; 김진오(Kim, Jin-O)
Page pp.1199-1205
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Energy storage system (ESS) ; Peak-shaving ; Operation strategy ; Renewable energy resources ; Optimal configuration
Abstract A power system configuration has been increasingly advanced with a number of generating units. In particular, renewable energy resources are widely introduced due to the environmental issues. When applying the renewable energy sources with the ESS (Energy Storage System), the ESS is the role of a potential generating resource in the power system while mitigating the output volatility of renewable energy resources. Thus, for applications of the ESS, the surrounding environment of it should be considered, which means that capacity and energy of the ESS can be affected. Moreover, operation strategy of the ESS should be proposed according to the installation purpose as well as the surrounding environment. In the paper, operation strategy of the ESS is proposed considering load demand and the output of renewable energy resources on a hourly basis. Then, the cost of electrical energy is minimized based on the economic model that consists of capital cost, operation cost, fuel cost, and grid cost for a year. It is sure that peak-shaving effects can be achieved while satisfying the minimum cost of electrical energy.