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Title A Study on Application for Y-Tz Transformer Winding Method to Decrease the Current Unbalance on the Source Side
Authors 이정은(Lee, Jung-Eun) ; 송영주(Song, Young-Joo) ; 최홍규(Choi, Hong-Kyoo) ; 김태훈(Kim, Tae-Hoon) ; 김인태(Kim, In-Tae)
Page pp.1206-1211
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Current unbalance factor ; Y-Tz transformer winding method
Abstract Most LV customers have been applying three-phase four-wire electric distribution system which supplies 1-phase and 3-phase load concurrently. Due to its structural simplicity, This system is easy to run. But it can also cause many problems from the unbalance, such as reduced output, increased loss etc. Also the unbalance in the load side causes the unbalance in the source side; it may lower the stability of the whole power system. In this paper, we propose the Y-Tz transformer winding method to reduce the current unbalance in the source side. Efficiency of this method was proven through the simulation and verification experiment.