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Title Humidity Sensing Properties of 90[wt%] SnO2-10[wt%] TiO2 Ceramics
Authors 유도현(You, Do-Hyun)
Page pp.1227-1232
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Humidity Sensing Properties ; 90[wt%] SnO_2-10[wt%] TiO_2 ; Silk Screen Printing ; Capacitance
Abstract The purpose of this paper is to establish the optimum fabricating condition of specimens using silk screen printing, and to develop humidity sensor which has good humidity sensing properties. The specimens are fabricated under the condition of 90[wt%] SnO_2-10[wt%] TiO_2, and their microstructure, crystalline structure, humidity sensing properties are examined. From the microstructure analyses, porosity is best at 700[°C]. From the crystalline structure analyses, intensity of peak becomes strong according to increasing heat treatment temperature. From the humidity sensing properties analyses, an overall results of capacitance changes, linearity and hysteresis for the specimens is best at 600[°C] and 700[°C]. Capacitance of specimens increases according to decreasing measurement frequency, and to increasing relative humidity.