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Title Reliability Evaluation with Wind Turbine Generators and an Energy Storage System for the Jeju Island Power System
Authors 오웅진(Oh, Ungjin) ; 이연찬(Lee, Yeonchan) ; 임진택(Lim, Jintaek) ; 최재석(Choi, Jaeseok) ; 윤용범(Yoon, Yongbeum) ; 장병훈(Chang, Byunghoon) ; 조성민(Cho, Sungmin)
Page pp.1-7
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Wind turbine generator(WTG) ; Energy storage system(ESS) ; Power system reliability evaluation
Abstract This paper proposes probabilistic reliability evaluation model of power system considering Wind Turbine Generator(WTG) integrated with Energy Storage System(ESS). Monte carlo sample state duration simulation method is used for the evaluation. Because the power output from WTG units usually fluctuates randomly, the power cannot be counted on to continuously satisfy the system load. Although the power output at any time is not controllable, the power output can be utilized by ESS. The ESS may make to smooth the fluctuation of the WTG power output. The detail process of power system reliability evaluation considering ESS cooperated WTG is presented using case study of Jeju island power system in the paper.