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Title A Study on Parameter Estimation of the Synchronous Generator System based on the Modified PSO
Authors 최형주(Choi, Hyung-Joo) ; 김인수(Kim, In-Soo) ; 이흥호(Lee, Heung-Ho)
Page pp.8-15
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Parameter estimation ; Particle swarm optimization ; Modified PSO ; Synchronous generator ; Static exciter ; Power System modeling ; Constriction factor
Abstract This paper includes a method for estimating the parameter of a synchronous generator and exciter using the modified particle swarm optimization. A solid round rotor synchronous generator and exciter have been modeled with the saturation function. They are regarded as state of being cooperative to a infinite bus. The behavior characteristic of all particles assigned to a parameter needs to be reflected in the PSO algorithm to fine out more close result to the optimal solution. The results of the simulation to estimate the parameters of the synchronous generator and exciter in the modified PSO algorithm are described.