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Title Load Forecasting using Hierarchical Clustering Method for Building
Authors 황혜미(Hwang, Hye-Mi) ; 이성희(Lee, Sung-Hee) ; 박종배(Park, Jong-Bae) ; 박용기(Park, Yong-Gi) ; 손성용(Son, Sung-Yong)
Page pp.41-47
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Load forecasting ; Cluster analysis ; Hierarchical clustering method ; Load pattern ; Energy management system (EMS)
Abstract In recent years, energy supply cases to take advantage of EMS(Energy Management System) are increasing according to high interest of energy efficiency. The important factor for essential and economical EMS operation is the supply and demand plan the hourly power demand of building load using the hierarchical clustering method of variety statistical techniques, and use the real historical data of target load. Also the estimated results of study are obtained the reliability through separate tests of validity.