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Title CIM-based System for Real-time Voltage Stability Analysis
Authors 이성우(Lee, Sung-Woo) ; 장문종(Jang, Moon-Jong) ; 서동완(Seo, Dong-Wan) ; 남궁원(Namkoong, Won) ; 허성욱(Heo, Soung-Ouk)
Page pp.48-56
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords CIM ; GID ; HMI ; HSDA ; PGOMS ; sPMU
Abstract There is a wide variety of system and applications in the power system. However, they have compatibility issues because they use different data standard and communication method. With the introduction of the smart grid, power system has been grow and diversified. Therefore power system need to be compatible with each other and the interoperability between applications is increasingly important. Thus, the IEC established IEC61970 and CIM Standard data exchange model for interoperability and system integration. Server-Client system was constructed which using CIM HSDA(Part4), a standard communication model, presented in IEC 619710. Also, self-developed real-time voltage stability analysis application and contingency analysis application was used. CIM HSDA was used for data input and real-time analysis. Tolerance of result which is in the range of allowable derived by Perform real-time voltage stability and contingency analysis of Jeju power system, and then compare it's result with PSS/E result.