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Title Comparison and Analysis of Armature Reaction Magnetic Field of Linear Generator with Coreless/Cored Type Three Phases Concentrated Winding by using Space Harmonic Analytical Method
Authors 서성원(Seo, Sung-Won) ; 구민모(Koo, Min-Mo) ; 강한빛(Kang, Han-Bit) ; 최장영(Choi, Jang-Young)
Page pp.64-71
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Armature reaction magnetic field ; Linear generator ; Analytical method
Abstract This paper deals with analysis of armature reaction magnetic field of linear generator with three phases coreless/cored type concentrated winding. On the basis of a magnetic vector potential and Maxwell's equations, governing equations to predict armature reaction field are derived, and current density modeling is also performed analytically by using the Fourier series expansion. The analytical method used in this paper is confirmed by comparing with finite element analysis results.