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Title Characterization of Linear Microwave Plasma using the Fluid Simulation
Authors 서권상(Seo, Kwon-Sang) ; 한문기(Han, Moon-Ki) ; 김동현(Kim, Dong-Hyun) ; 이호준(Lee, Ho-Jun)
Page pp.567-572
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords 2.45 GHz ; Fluid simulation ; Linear microwave plasma ; PECVD
Abstract Discharge characteristics of linear microwave plasma were investigated by using fluid simulation of 2D axis-symmetry based on finite elements method. The microwave power was 2.45 GHz TEM mode and transmitted through linear antenna. Resistive power and pressure were considered simulation variables and argon was used for working gas. A decrease of electron density along the quartz tube was observed in low power condition but relatively uniform plasmas were generated in chamber by increasing the resistive power. The electron temperature was highly detected near the surface of quartz tube because the electron was heated only dielectric surface. The power transmission efficiency decreased and characteristics of surface plasma were observed in high electron density condition.