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Title Substation Bus Voltage Angle Calculation Method Using Voltage Angle Difference Measured at the Tie Switch in the Distribution Line
Authors 손주환(Son, Ju-Hwan) ; 임성일(Lim, Seong-Il)
Page pp.9-15
ISSN 1975-8359
Keywords Substation bus voltage angle ; Loop structured distribution system ; Power flow calculation
Abstract Distribution networks are operated in radial fashion during the normal state. Loop configuration is also required temporally in case of live load transfer among the adjacent feeders. Voltage angles of each substation buses are very important data in order to calculate power flow of the loop structured distribution feeders. This paper proposes substation bus voltage angle calculation method using voltage angle difference measured at the normally open tie switches. Simulation case studies using Matlab simulink have been performed to establish feasibility of proposed method.